EMBA Day of Prayer

An opportunity to pray

 The EMBA Regional Ministers invite you to join them in a day of prayer and fasting on Tuesday 5th May.

The event is open to anyone in our EMBA churches and although the RM team will be giving the whole day to prayer, you are welcome to engage in any way you can.  On offer: –

  • An introduction for personal use at the beginning of the day. Click here for the link.
  • Three Zoom gatherings, each with a different focus.

12.00-12.30     Focus: the church

3.00-3.30         Focus: the community

8.00-8.45         Focus: the world

To join the gatherings use this Zoom meeting link:-

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9801583297?pwd=RXplVm01VVhSUjhOd2d0cHJZR2V1UT09 Meeting ID: 980 158 3297

Password: 651027

Although the emphasis of the gatherings will be on intercession, participants are also encouraged to give some time to listening prayer during the day.  We believe that there is much for us to learn during these difficult days and if you think that you “hear” anything that might benefit the wider church, please drop us an email during the day.  mclay.emba@gmail.com

Meeting Guidelines

Your help is requested by following these meeting guidelines.

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before the start and stay till the end of the meeting
  • You’ll be muted as the meeting starts. Stay muted unless you are leading in a prayer, then re-mute yourself when you’ve finished.
  • Each meeting will be facilitated and structured, but there will be opportunity for open prayer. During the open times: –
    • Don’t be afraid of silence
    • Keep your spoken prayers short
    • Be sensitive to the movement of meeting and the prayers that have preceded yours.
  • If you want to contribute in non-spoken ways, feel free to use the chat facility
  • Please bring a bible, pen and paper to hand.

Questions?  Contact Mike Fegredo, mfegredo.emba@gmail.com 07972350242