For Church Officers

REGISTERING AS A CHARITY – Getting ready for 2021

Baptist churches which have an income of less than £100,000 a year do not currently need to register with the Charity Commission (unless the church chooses to register as a charitable incorporated organisation for which there is no lower income threshold).
In 2021 the legislation will be changing and as it currently stands every Baptist church with an income of over £5,000 a year will need to register with the Commission at that time.

Anthony Collin have produced a document to help you prepare for 2021 here


There are useful leaflets on the BU website you might like to look at if you are new to your post,

Information for Church Treasurers from the Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT) can be found on their


Do you want to give a gift to the EMBA or to Home Mission?

  • Cheques for the EMBA need to be made payable to the ‘East Midland Baptist Association’ and can be sent to the office with a letter explaining what the payment is for.
  • Cheques for Home Mission need to be made payable to ‘EMBA Home Mission’ and can also be sent to the EMBA office to be forwarded to Andrea Wilson


Action Fraud is the organisation that you need to contact if your church has been scammed, for more details click below:
Action Fraud information