The BUGB website has a huge resource of information on all things related to Safeguarding. Take a look at the Safeguarding Pages here

  • IMPORTANT CHANGES – Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

    Please note from 1st November 2015 the disclosure system and online update service will be provided by DDC –
  • Announcement from BUGB here.
  • Advice and guidance for verifiers can be found on the BUGB website here..

New Provision for Safeguarding  – Advice and Training

All EMBA churches are now able to access the CCPAS (Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service) services. This gives discounted rates for training and other Safeguarding support and will work alongside the EMBA Regional Ministers and the Baptist Together Safeguarding team. For further information about CCPAS please visit their website
For urgent advice you can phone the CCPAS helpline any time.
Call 0845 120 4550
We ask that you call this number during office hours for any advice that is non-urgent.
If there is concern about a minister please contact an EMBA Regional Minister immediately.
Mark Clay 07975 863 772
Ellen Price 07739 808 644
Steven Price 07867 971 854
Mike Fegredo 07972 350 242
In the unlikely event you cannot get hold of an EMBA Regional Minister please contact the Baptist Together Safeguarding Officer (01235 517 719) or the Ministries Team Leader, Revd Andy Hughes (01235 517 701).

A copy of the Safeguarding Procedure for your noticeboard can be downloaded here.

Good Safeguarding Policy and Practice Matters
• It is a Gospel outcome to care and support children and vulnerable adults.
• Good practice protects everyone – workers and leaders included.
• Poor practice could raise issue with the Charity Commission, insurers and your reputation is at risk.

Training Opportunities

Level 1 – a simple introduction to the issue of Safeguarding for the whole church.  Level 1 is available as a DVD.  The EMBA Office have copies which may be borrowed but must be returned (as we have a limited supply).  Please email Cathy at the Office to request a copy

Level 2 – for those involved with children or vulnerable adults including all ministers and trustees.  Indicating good practice and looking for signs and concerns.

It is recommended that all who work with children or vulnerable adults should do level 2 training.

Level 3 – (builds on level 2) for those with oversight responsibility for safeguarding policy and practice including trustees and designated persons for Safeguarding and all ministers.

Training needs to be renewed every 4 years.

If you have completed our own EMBA safeguarding training in previous years, that would be valid for 4 years after which you should look to complete the Level 2 and 3 courses (as appropriate).

Employment training will definitely have some crossover but the Level 2 and 3 training is specific to Safeguarding in a church setting and so will cover topics not mentioned in the training that employers roll out.  The advice would still be to attend Level 2 and 3 training (as appropriate) every 4 years.

EMBA Training in 2017


Saturday 11th November : Level 3 Training – Charnwood Rd BC, Shepshed – 9:30am to 12 :45pm ***FULLY BOOKED***

For those interested in attending please find the booking form here which should be completed and returned to:
• Becky Nicholls, EMBA Office, West Bridgford Baptist Church, West Bridgford, Notts, NG2 7NF
• or email the information to Becky Nicholls –

In organising safeguarding trainings for the whole year we have tried to ensure that venues move around the association.  We have also tried to offer level 2 and level 3 trainings both on a weekday and midweek in an attempt to make trainings as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible.  It is our hope that in providing the training programme for the whole year, it will enable individuals and churches to plan when and where the most accessible training(s) are for you over the coming year.

For all trainings (unless otherwise stated), refreshments will be served from 9am. Training will commence at 9.30am until 12.45pm. 

There will be a refreshment break during the training.

The host church will be providing refreshments at the end of training so please bring a packed lunch and feel free to have your lunch before departing.

Cost of Training
The cost per training will be £20.00 per person unless your church is giving in line with Home Mission guidelines (at least 5% of general income). (For further information about Home Mission please visit

The discounted rate will be £10.00 per person per training.
Your minister and church secretary will both have been notified if your church is eligible for the discounted rate, having given generously to Home Mission.
Every church will also receive one free place (for one minister or lead deacon).

If your church would like to be a training venue in 2018 onwards, please email Becky Nicholls (EMBA Administrative Support)

Gateway to Safeguarding Level 2 Resource Booklet

What is this booklet for?

It is designed for new volunteers in churches who have offered to help with work with children, young people or adults at risk, but who have not yet attended the Level 2 course.

It is not an alternative to Level 2 training, but has been designed as an introduction to safeguarding until the volunteer can attend a Level 2 course.

It is hoped that this will help the Designated Person for Safeguarding (DPS) in each church as they help new volunteers to understand the basics of safeguarding. The checklist on the back can be detached and copied for ease of use.

Please note that this booklet is intended as a helpful resource for churches to use if they so wish. Some churches will already have their own materials or introductory process which works well for them, but we know that many do not.

How can churches access the booklet?

The booklet will be available via the BUGB website soon. The booklet can be printed in colour or black and white and is also easy to read on screen or tablet.

Copies of the Gateway resource will also be sent out by BUGB in the week commencing 27 Feb to all those who identified themselves as a Designated Person for Safeguarding on their BUGB annual return, or to Church Secretaries where there is not a specific individual as DPS on the annual return.

Latest News

All the latest news in safeguarding can be found on the BUGB website here.