Home Mission is the financial resource that provides for the Baptist family to function at a central and local level. Every church that belongs to the Baptist Union or one of the Associations is supported by Home Mission – we all benefit in some way – whether through specialist advice from one of the National Teams, support and encouragement from your regional team or a grant – so it is hoped that all will contribute to the family purse.  All Baptist churches are asked to give to Home Mission, with a current recommended minimum being 5% of the church’s income or £40 per member per year.

Your giving to Home Mission allows for the following grants to be given. Click on them for further details.

Pioneer Mission Grants – to fund pioneer ministry

Mission Grants to fund Ministry in turnaround situations

Mission Projects Grants to fund bespoke mission projects

Mission Micro Grants to help with the start-up costs of ‘off the peg’ mission projects.

Home Mission Leafleta great resource 

Making payments to the EMBA for Home Mission

Andrea Wilson, EMBA Home Mission Administrator, deals entirely with all Home Mission payments and maintains the giving records. The payments are completely separate from all other payments to the EMBA.

Cheques should be made payable to EMBA Home Mission, and sent to the EMBA Office, however It goes without saying that it is much more convenient and helpful administratively to pay by standing order

Reference:   Please use correct name of your church (old names are still being used). NB:  a few churches are still paying into the wrong BUGB Account.

It would be very helpful all round if church treasurers could review their method of making Home Mission payments, and check that their payment details are correct. In terms of helping cash flow for BUGB, please consider paying by standing order if you don’t already. If you pay by cheque, and continue to do so, please make your payments as soon or as early in the year as you are able. For a large organization like BUGB there is a significant benefit in receiving money as soon as possible.

Thank You.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the above, please email Andrea homemission.emba@gmail.com