Courses and Retreats

Courses & Retreats

Life together- Livability

This is a course recommended by one of our churches who found it invaluable in developing our work in the community. For more details click here

Facing challenging times

We live in times which make demands on leaders in every context. The pace can result in stress that seems unrelenting. Burn-out is common; resilience is essential.

In the anxious climate of society as a whole, leaders in church contexts can feel particularly vulnerable. They know that self-sacrifice goes with the territory, but this is something more. Everything is put to the test: attitude, approach, and awareness of risks. Ministry in the church can seem like a bottomless pit of expectations.

Such pressure presents challenges, both spiritual and practical. How to take clear and considered action? How to read the context? How to know yourself and understand others, so that responsibility can be properly shared?

Want to be better equipped?

This workshop is designed for people who are part of a church’s leadership group (eg a staff team, ministry team, eldership, diaconate, church council), especially those with pastoral responsibility. The aim is to give you fresh confidence, and renewed hope. Full details click here

York Courses

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? has 4 sessions, making it ideal for the 4 weeks of Advent. It’s written by Lucy Winkett, who also features on the course audio in relaxed conversation with Simon Stanley.

The course booklet is a must-read before engaging with the CD, which forms the icing on the course’s very substantial cake.”

ON THE THIRD DAY is a 5-session course, which most groups will follow at Lent (although – s always with their courses – it’s not tied to a specific season). The course booklet is written by Bishop John Pridmore, and the contributors on the course audio are:

  • Revd Professor Tom Wright; Professor Paul Vallely; Revd Ruth Gee and Bishop Libby Lane

For more details visit: or email:

Sacrista Prebend – For those committed to deepening their journey with God, the quiet day programme offered by Sacrista Prebend in Southwell might be just the thing. Downloadable pdf of the quiet day programme can be found here.