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Training Courses Coming in 2017 – Equip EMBA is offering many opportunities in 2017 for all to be equipped for God’s Mission.

Equipped – Spirituality – Venue: Calverton Baptist Church, Main Street, Calverton, Nottingham, NG14 6FG

Starts Monday 18th September 7pm till 9pm and weekly every Monday until 9th October (N.B. there is also one quiet day on Saturday 7th October – 10am to 4pm at Sacrista Prebend, Retreat House, Southwell).

Prayer and resourcing life’s journey Life is difficult! It’s also rich! Often it’s just plain ordinary.

We need all the help we can along the way. This practically based course explores:
o how a variety of approaches in prayer can illuminate our lives and sharpen spiritual discernment
o how life’s experiences can become maturing sources of wisdom
o how to move beyond the loop of bursts of taking prayer seriously, followed by periods of lacklustre prayer ending in guilt, because we’ve given up
It will:
o be based on the example of Jesus
o explore the rich, practical wisdom available from Christians practice of prayer down the centuries
o take seriously different temperaments and styles
of prayer that fit us personally
o give a taste of retreat in a quiet day

Join us on the journey!

Poster here for your notice board & pdf and word booking forms available below:

PDF Booking Form – Equip EMBA

Word Booking Form – Equip EMBA 

Cost for each module will be £50 per course which includes materials.  We hope churches will be able to sponsor those who attend.

Equip EMBA may be able to offer bursaries.

These will lead to unit certificates which can contribute to an Equipped Certificate.