Mission Shaped Ministry

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The mission shaped ministry course has helped people to start and grow fresh expressions of church, and bring new life and growth to established churches up and down the country, for over a decade.  An online version of this excellent course is now being offered, and grants are available from the EMBA for EMBA churches that wish to participate.

The course will appeal to anyone who wants to help the church to re-engage in culturally relevant mission as well as those wishing to pioneer something new.  It follows the same pattern as the established course and is led by Baptist Regional Minister, Simon Goddard, with a team of distinguished presenters.  Subjects covered include:  The mission context; The mission of God; Vision, values and call; Starting something new; Listening for mission; What is church?; Gospel and culture; Team roles and behaviour; Discipleship; Evangelism; Spirituality, worship and the sacraments; Growing to maturity.



How does it work?

  • Church Groups register directly with MSM online – missionshapedministry.org/online. Ideally, groups will include members of the church leadership so that the whole church might benefit through their influence.
  • Groups gather at a venue with good, fast internet access (e.g. a home) and log on to MSM online.
  • The online sessions are ideally played through a digital TV connected to a computer, but a small group could simply gather around a computer screen.
  • Teaching by nationally known teacher/practitioners is interspersed by film clips and break out times, where participants discuss the material and apply what they are learning. Interaction between the groups happens via an onscreen chat facility, and it is helpful to have at least one person in the group who is accustomed to online chatting.
  • Participants who miss a session can catch up in their own time via a link sent out after each session.
  • Full materials are provided for participants with pointers for further study.
  • If more than one EMBA Church registers, an opportunity will be offered for the EMBA churches to gather a few times to deepen the learning experience.
  • The course runs from 12th September 2016 to 17th July 2017


How much does it cost?

  • £295 per group of up to five, plus £35 per person, which covers all materials and 15 two hour sessions spread over a year. For groups larger than 5 there is an additional £60 per extra person added on to the course fee (thus £295+£60=£355 for 6 people, £415 for 7 people).
  • Grants are available for EMBA churches unable to fund the full cost.


What to do next?

Interested?  Need more information? Want to know whether your church might be eligible for a grant?

Then contact Mike Fegredo on 07972 350242 or mfegredo.emba@gmail.com  Further details are also available online at www.missionshapedministry.org/onlineEquip EMBA