Mission Micro Grants (MMG)

Mission Micro Grants (MMG)

EMBA Mission Micro Grants help EMBA churches with the start-up costs of ‘off the peg’ mission projects to stimulate community facing mission initiatives.  These grants are funded by Home Mission.


To provide a menu of tried and tested, off-the-peg projects that churches can easily adapt for their own context.  Each project on the list is likely to attract an EMBA Mission Micro-Grant of up to £500 to help with start-up costs for churches that meet the criteria.


Which projects are on the approved list?

  • Any project approved by Cinnamon Network   (currently 30 projects on the Cinnamon list)
  • Renew Wellbeing 
  • iSingPOP                                                          
  • 252 Challenge                                                  

For further information about EMBA Mission Micro Grants please read the Guidance Notes 

If you are interested in applying for a Mission Micro Grant please speak to your Regional Minister before completing an Application Form