Mission Micro Grants

 EMBA Mission Micro-Grants 2018


To stimulate community facing mission initiatives amongst EMBA Churches by providing Micro-Grants to help with the start-up costs of ‘off the peg’ mission projects.  These grants sit alongside EMBA’s Mission Project Grants (for bespoke mission projects) and Mission Grants (for funding Ministry) and like these will be funded from the national Home Mission Appeal.


To provide a menu of tried and tested, off-the-peg projects that Churches can easily adapt for their own context.  Each project on the list is likely to attract an EMBA Mission Micro-Grant of up to £500 to help with start-up costs for churches that meet the criteria.


Which projects are on the approved list?

Mission Micro-Grant criteria

  • The Church is a member of the EMBA and making an appropriate contribution to Baptist Home Mission.
  • Grants of up to £500 are available following a light touch application process.
  • Churches must match fund any grant received with cash, gifts in kind, premises, professional pro-bono services, asset items or salaries, but not the value of volunteer time.
  • Projects initiated by Baptist Churches in partnership with other local churches may also be eligible but each partner church would be expected to make an appropriate contribution.
  • Churches in receipt of a Mission Micro-Grant are asked to share news of developments and good news stories to encourage other churches in the Association.
  • Applications may be received up to 6 months before start of the project.

How is funding accessed?

  • If your church has registered for a Cinnamon project or is exploring another EMBA approved project, contact your Regional Minister. The RM will discuss the project with you before you complete the application form
  • Once approved, grants will be paid to the Church upon receipt of invoices relating to the project.

Can funding be accessed from both Cinnamon and EMBA for the same project?

  • Cinnamon offers grants of up to £2000 in some areas, but these are in very limited supply.  However, the spirit of the match funding criteria – i.e. that churches contribute to the project – must be met.