Church Life


    • Giving– the Stewardship website provides excellent resources for churches and individuals, including small group study and sermon outlines.
    • Whole life discipleship – The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) website contains a wealth of information and inspiring articles on whole life discipleship.  We  particularly recommend the course “Life on the Frontline”.
      Life on the Frontline
    • Discipleship review tool.One to One: A Life MOT can be used by individuals with a reflection partner or adopted by a whole church during a season of review courtesy of Church From Scratch.  Download it here.
  • Learning – The TIMM Course– modules with Northern Baptist Learning Community. See more local information below.
  • Pioneer Mission – Those interested in exploring pioneering ministry might consider the new Equipped to Pioneer course, details of which can be found here. This programme includes the excellent Crucible course, which not only equip pioneers, but would also help anyone reframe church, mission and ministry in a Post Christendom world. See the details here.
  • Local conferences and courses – Training opportunities are regularly advertised via the weekly EMBA E- Notices.  To view these click here here.

  • Improving Church Health

      • Healthy church communication – The Fit4Life Course is a flexible resource for groups and churches that want to improve the dynamics of church life. This resource, which comes on a CD, is available for loan from the EMBA Office or purchase from the Anabaptist website here.
      • Healthy church meetings – This 18 page practical guide, written by Phil Jump is available from the NWBA website here.
      • Healthy Church Life (linked to the EMBA Roadshows and booklet)
        Explore the marks of a health through creative prayer. In these folders you will find all you need to create 7 prayer stations. These could be laid out in a hall, and people could be invited to attend a special prayer event, or alternatively, the stations could be left in place over a weekend and people could call by and explore them at their convenience. Use them as they stand, or adapt them for your own situation.The Healthy Churches Handbook is a practical resource for assessing and improving the health of your church. View it here.
        The Regional Ministry team are available to help you run a review day using this material.

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            • Need a preacher? Contact the office for an up to date list of preachers who are willing to preach in the area.