Church Management

If you’re looking for information on any of the issues below, please visit the BUGB website – Baptist Union Resources.

    • Charity status
    • Employment
    • Financial Guidance
    • General guidelines
    • Insurance
    • Legal
    • Ministerial appointments.
    • Property
    • Data Protection – New Guidelines on GDPR are available.

For those who hold an office in the church, there’s help here

For those take a lead, there’s help here

There’s plenty of help available in the information and resources sections of this website, and on the Baptist Union website. If you can’t find what you need though, please contact a member of the Regional Team, and they’ll do their best to signpost you to what you need.

Payroll Services for Church
One of the major responsibilities of a church treasurer is the payment of salaries, settlement of tax, NI and pensions and the annual returns to HMRC.
If this could be done externally, at a modest cost, this would make the treasurer’s role easier and less onerous for anyone new to the role. Our partner association HEBA Heart of England Baptist Association offer a payroll service for churches in the EMBA and costs and contact details can be found below.
Payroll Booklet 2015

ONLINE Banking
We have some advice for those considering this route, from our partner association at the Heart of England (HEBA). Online Banking guidelines

What makes a good website?
Don’t be daunted by the task. There’s loads of help out there. For information to consider, have a look here.


Writing a Press Release?
Here’s some guidance on how to get good news into your local paper.
Top Tips for Writing a Press Release