Church/School partnership mission idea

If your church has a vision to initiate or develop a relationship with a local primary school and is looking for a tool to help, then iSingPOP might be a next step for you.

iSingPOP is a 4 day primary school singing project which gives every child in the school a chance to be on their very own school album. Each mission week is run as a partnership between the school and a local church and serves as a brilliant way to present the Christian message to children, parents and teachers.

iSingPOP projects provide a great opportunity for churches to partner with a local primary school and open their doors to hundreds of members of their local community. The project always results in strengthened relationships between church and school and creates a platform for working together in the future.

Wherever possible, we encourage a member of the church or a family/children’s worker to be a part of the teaching week building relationships with teachers and children.

Having spent a week practicing and recording, the children then perform the songs complete with dance routines in a brilliant uplifting concert in the church for families, teachers and other members of the community. During the concert the church has the opportunity to profile its activities and invite the audience to forthcoming services or events.

The songs are extremely catchy, fun to learn and are in a current style that the kids love. They are written from a Christian perspective and they tackle important relevant issues such as Love, Prayer, Friendship, Respect, Role Models, Caring for others, Social Justice and Forgiveness

To get a feel for the project, take a look at this film.

If you are interested or would like further details, please contact iSingPOP’s regional Manager Becki Ross, who is based in Lincoln. Her contact details are Tel: 07739 708998, Email: becki@isingpop.com

A limited number of Mission Project Grants of up to £600 are available for the EMBA to help towards the cost. If you wish to apply for a grant, please contact Viki Takel at the EMBA office.

Drawn to pioneer mission?

    • We would be pleased to hear from you if you are considering doing something pioneering in the EMBA. There is information below which explains what we mean by ‘pioneering’ and what expectations we and you might have of each other. A limited amount of money is available for projects that fit the criteria.
      PM1: Information – Criteria
      PM2: Application Form
      PM3: Partner Guidelines
    • We recommend the website of BUGB’s partner organisation, Incarnate. Click here.

Thinking of starting a mission project?

  • Want to start a mission project, but need help with the start up costs? Click here for information about EMBA Mission Project Grants. Or click here for information about Cinnamon Network micro-grants and here to read about some of the projects they support. The Cinnamon link might also help inspire you to think about what might be possible.

Need help thinking it all though?

  • Contact your Regional Minister; they would love to help you develop an appropriate mission strategy. Their contact details are available here.