We aim to help equip churches and their leaders with the tools they need for the work of God’s kingdom.

It is one of life’s greatest privileges to serve God. All of God’s people are called to serve, and each contribution is vital to the health of the whole (1 Corinthians 12). Those exercising gifts of leadership are no more valuable to God than anyone else, though their contribution is designed to have a bigger impact.

Here in the EMBA we encourage everyone to be the best that they can be, for the glory of God. We believe that everyone should work to develop their gifts, as well as their character, in order that the service offered to God’s church and God’s world might be the best that it can be. We want to make a difference, for God’s sake.

We are committed to helping churches to grow in numbers, health, discipleship and gifting.

Our conviction is that living things grow. As individuals and communities which are vitally connected to Christ, the head of the church, there is therefore an expectation of growth – growth in community health, growth in grace and love, growth in discipleship, growth in numbers.

Do you think that you might be called to Baptist Ministry?
• To download the EMBA’s guidance document Exploring a call to Accredited Baptist Ministry click  on the leaflet link below.
Exploring the Call

Church Health Check

Just as we sometimes visit our GP for a health check, Churches can also benefit from a health check, and the Regional Ministers would be pleased to help facilitate such a process.