We all know how much easier it is to work alone or at least with those who do it ‘our way’ than it is to partner with others outside of our immediate circle. And yet we are called to partner with each other so that God’s kingdom purposes might be fulfilled among us. Philippians 1:4–5 and 4:14–15 express the Apostle Paul’s gratitude that the Christians in Philippi share his concern to take the love of Christ to others and are willing to share the troubles and difficulties that this brings.

Our model for partnership is God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, working together in perfect harmony and relationship to fulfil God’s eternal plan of salvation and renewal. God chose to create us and honoured us by calling us to work with him in his purposes. He called people like Abraham, Moses, David, Deborah, Ruth and Esther to work with him and so partnership is a biblical model of going forward with the gospel.

As we think about partnering our focus may be on sharing with other churches in their needs financially, through prayer, or working together in evangelism. Partnership will result in being enriched by the different understandings we have and the new insights we gain from each other.
If we do not share in the good things God is doing beyond our own boundaries then we will miss out on the breadth of God’s mission and his purposes for us. As we partner locally, regionally, nationally and internationally our vision of God’s kingdom is expanded and deepened.
We are the body of Christ locally and more widely. We need one another to fulfil all that God calls us to be and to do. We need each other and the wisdom and gifts we bring in order to serve God’s kingdom in the most fruitful way.