Worship without gathering

Most of us are creatures of habit and our worship habits tend to run deep.  The suspension of our normal Sunday worship habits is a shock to many but need not prevent our corporate worship.  Indeed, there is potential for our worship to deepen as we come to it freshly and with renewed intentionality.

Here are some ideas, which will be added to in the coming weeks.


For churches with tech proficiency and good internet access:



  • Audio record/podcast a sermon/prayers etc. and email those in your church with a link so they can easily access them either on your church website or chosen podcast service provider.


  • Video record a sermon/prayers etc. to upload to your church’s Facebook page / YouTube or Vimeo channel so they can be accessed whenever convenient. (Be careful not to use copyrighted material).


  • Email a suggested service outline so those in your congregation have the same bible reading, song suggestions (email YouTube links for worship songs), prayer outline, devotional notes and questions for reflection.


  • Identify a great sermon on the web and send a link. Interaction on the theme could follow using suitable social media, or even phone calls between members.



For churches with limited tech proficiency and/or limited internet access:-


  • Print out a Service Outline including bible readings, song suggestions (choose songs that are well known and maybe print out the words), prayer outline, sermon notes and questions for reflection. Post this in person or via Royal Mail.


  • Record sermons, prayers etc. on to CD’s or DVD’s in a format that will easily work in a standard CD or DVD player and post them to those who would like them.


  • Agree to watch songs of praise as an act of corporate worship.


  • Divide the congregation into groups of 3-4 and invite them to call each other during “normal Sunday Service time”. They could be encouraged to pray for each other and the world, offer words of Scripture to each other and generally encourage each other.


  • Create 15 minute telephone appointment slots between 10.00 and 12 noon on Sunday for the Pastor (and possibly suitably gifted leaders) to encourage and pray with members over the phone.