Mission Action Planning

Mission Action Planning is a tried and tested process designed to help churches plan for a growing, healthy future.  It’s a flexible approach which can be used by any church, irrespective of size, style, or theological persuasion.  It’s been used in many denominations but has now been adopted and adapted by the EMBA and focussed through the lens of fruitfulness.  It’s a powerful approach and could benefit churches in multiple ways.  For example:

  • Clarifying the unique identity and calling of your church
  • Seeing your church and community more clearly
  • Discerning what God is calling your church to do and become
  • Developing a plan to move your church towards God’s revealed future
  • Discovering unity of purpose centred on God’s mission.

Any church can download the resources and use them independently - see the links below.  However, churches committing to the process will get far more from it if they invite a trained EMBA Mission Accompanier to journey with them.  Your Regional Minister will be able to link you with an Accompanier. 

Key points

  • All churches that apply for a Mission Partnership Grant will use the MAP process
  • The MAP tools are free to download, but there is a small cost involved for the services of a Mission Accompanier.  This cost is paid by the EMBA for those churches in receipt of a Mission Partnership Grant (coming soon).  Speak to your Regional Minister to find out more.

Mission Action Planning could transform your church.  If your church doesn’t have a process for reflection, review, and planning, it could be just what you need.

LINKS to documents

Mission Action Planning Introduction

Fruitfulness Indicators Self-assessment

Developing a Mission Action Plan

MAP Going Deeper Resources


For information about Grants for mission CLICK HERE

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