Newly Accredited Ministers

What is a NAM?

A Newly Accredited Minister, or NAM, is a minister who has undertaken an initial period of ministerial formation at a theological college or has gone through the Baptist Union’s Residential Selection Conference, and is progressing towards full accreditation within the Baptist family.

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) & NAMs

All accredited ministers, however long they have been in ministry, are asked to engage in Continuing Ministerial Development, or CMD. 

All NAMs are now automatically enrolled for CMD as part of their enrolment as a NAM, though they initially meet all the requirements of CMD simply by engaging with the NAMs’ programme (the NAM’s handbook and CMD guidance can be found in the resources section below). 

Through their CMD, minister’s practice five habits and the NAMs’ programme is designed to help ministers engage with these five habits and ensure they are sustainable once the probationary period is over. NAMs are supported in each habit in the following way:

1. Learning – by gaining new understanding and new skills.

NAMs are guided by the learning contracts with a college and by their NAMs’ Association days to maintain the discipline of reading, study and theological reflection. The aim is to establish through a mandatory programme a habit of learning that NAMs will voluntarily sustain throughout their ministry.

2. Attentiveness – to our spiritual, physical and relational health. 

A NAM’s mentor helps them not only to reflect on their work as a minister, but also to be attentive – to their relationship with God; their own physical, social and emotional needs; and to those nearest to them. Together NAMs examine the interaction between the different spheres of their lives.

3. Accountability – to a trusted companion outside our ministry. 

A NAM’s mentor provides them with a space where they can talk through their experience of ministry and seek their perspective and advice. They ask questions that provoke self-awareness and probe a NAM’s assumptions and conclusions. Towards the end of the NAMs’ programme, they help the NAM to consider who might best accompany them next, whether another mentor, a spiritual director, coach, pastoral supervisor, soul friend or learning community. 

4. Connection – to our fellow Baptist ministers and wider Baptist family. 

Within the EMBA, through our NAM learning day and Rooted reflection days, NAMs are able to connect with the wider Baptist family as they meet with other NAMs, the Regional Team, and other ministers and leaders. We will also encourage the NAM to attend their local ministers’ gatherings and expect them to attend the annual Association Ministers’ Conference - a diary of events can be found below.

5. Review – of our work as ministers at least once every three years.

Accredited ministers are asked to submit their ministry to some form of review at least every three years. A NAM’s first review takes place during year 2 of their NAMs’ programme (around 18 months). It draws on a NAMs own view of their progress alongside feedback from those who see the NAM in their role as minister in their church or other setting.

Training Days & Events

The expectation of NAMs is that they will attend: the EMBA Minister’s Conference, the NAMs Learning Day, and the EMBA Gathering, as well of one of the two Rooted days.

Dates and information are shown below. We ask all NAMs to put the dates in their diaries and make them a priority to attend, if for some reason they are not able to do so please let the EMBA know ASAP.

Rooted for Ministers

Wednesday 20th November at Broadway Baptist Church, Derby

Leadership to Grow Churches with Rev Mark Clay


Ministers Conference

Wednesday 5th February - Friday 7th February at Hayes Conference Centre

With Rev Dr Helen Paynter and Phil Knox


Rooted for Ministers

Thursday 13th March

Details to be confirmed

Annual Gathering 2025

Saturday 28th June

Venue and times to be confirmed


Useful Links & Information

Below are some helpful links to various documents that will be helpful during  the NAM process. If you have any further questions, please speak to your Regional Minister, or the RM responsible for NAMs and the NAM programme in the EMBA, currently Nick Ashton.


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