Brothers In Christ

On the 21st of October at Melton Mowbray Baptist Church over 50 men from many different churches across our region came together for the conference ‘Brothers in Christ’. The day was filled with worship, prayer, teaching, fellowship and amazing food. All were blessed by the theme ‘I get by with a little help from my friends’ which was opened up thrillingly by Phil Knox the author of ‘The best of friends’ and is an Evangelism and Missiologist senior specialist at the Evangelical Alliance. There was a real sense of God’s presence and by the end of the day new connections and friendships had been formed. 

Rev Sam Dunn, who heads up 'Brothers In Christ' said this:

‘In launching this new ministry for men across the east midlands it is my intention to create a space where men can come together seek God and recognise one another as Brothers in Christ. There are other men’s ministrys and conferences that are already running and I love them, I want to bless their work and I can recognise there value in reaching men for Christ, however I personally realised that I often don’t find a space for someone like me in these places. Sometimes things intended for men can get there impetus from what the world offers men, almost we take top gear and FHM and Christianise them. Now this is going to work brilliantly for some, but actually presents a narrow view of what biblical manhood should be. My hope was to provide something much broader for the church than this and that is I hope what we have done.’

The conference will be back in the spring when our theme will be ‘You can’t always get what you want’  We’ve had the Beatles so we are moving on to the Rolling Stones. Keep an eye out for the publicity and maybe come along or bring a group from your church. 

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