Recovery Resources for Ministers and Leaders


As we enter the recovery phase following the trauma of the pandemic there will be many tricky decisions for leaders to make and plenty of opportunities to help church members and our wider communities recover.  There are many excellent resources on the web, a selection of which are highlighted below.


For an overview of the Recovery phase


Reflection and planning tools for leaders and ministers


Resources for the recovery phase

Thinking through the hybrid world of online/onsite gatherings

Recovery guides and events

  • Recovery guides to help people remember, reflect and recuperate from their experience of the pandemic (all from CPAS)
  1. For adults
  2. For families
  3. For young people
  4. For the wider community


Other resources to consider

Navigating Trauma – a Scripture based programme from the Bible Society.

Serving our communities– excellent ideas and resources from Cinnamon Network.

Caring for our own wellbeing – helpful resources from Leicester Diocese.

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