All accredited, nationally and regionally recognised pastors/ministers are required to undertake the safeguarding training required by the Ministerial Recognition Committee (MRC) to maintain their accreditation/recognition.  A safeguarding training clause should be included in the Terms of Settlement for all of the above ministries.

If you require a waiver to call a non-accredited minister the safeguarding training required by the MRC will be a condition of the waiver being granted.  A safeguarding training clause in the Terms of Settlement would also be required in this case.  If your minister is not accredited or recognised and you do not need a waiver, we would still strongly encourage you to retain this clause.

The current training requirements are to undertake BUGB Excellence in Safeguarding training at level 2 AND 3 every four years, and every year to undertake an online BUGB training session on a specific aspect of safeguarding.

The responsibility to ensure that non-accredited and non-recognised ministers undertake their safeguarding training remains with the church trustees.

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